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The soul behind Asia Pimentel Photography: Artist, Storyteller, Businesswoman, Nomad at heart, Inspired idealist and Destination Wedding Photographer based in the Dominican Republic and serving the world.

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Self-taught and self-made, my love affair with photography began over nine years ago. I picked up a camera (a clunky old DSLR borrowed from a friend), and instantly, something inside of me sparked to life.

My artistic odyssey had begun, and from that moment on, my life was to be marked not by days, but by the number of images captured and stories told.

After working as a photographer for two years, I set out on my own, passionately cultivating an original photography style focused on capturing real, raw moments, rather than practiced poses.

Today, this unique photography style has become my signature calling card and trademark, allowing me to travel the world capturing weddings and celebrations while I fulfill my passion as a visual storyteller.

Inspired by light, driven by emotion, compelled by authentic storytelling.!