Dominican Republic and Caribbean Destination Weddings

Asia Pimentel’s wedding photography style focuses on capturing meaningful moments as they happen; this would be best described as a documentary-style as it allows us to preserve the real emotions, expressions, and stories of your special day. But we do so with a distinctive, Fine art-approach. Because for us, it is not just about documenting but also about creating something beautiful. Ultimately, our goal is to craft vibrant and stunning images that are as unique as your wedding and your people.

Please enjoy this short but thorough sample of our Dominican Republic and Caribbean Destination Weddings Portfolio:

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Your fiancé, your family, your friends, and relatives are there to celebrate you. Be your authentic self with all your funky, quirky personality. Do just the things that make you happy. Laugh loudly, kiss slowly, hug tightly, and we’ll capture just that; all the big important moments, as well as all the hidden but not less essential moments that go unnoticed.

When the wedding is over, and all your memories turn into a sweet blur, we’ll have you sit down in front of a computer screen, laughing, crying, and radiating joy, while looking through all your wedding photos and videos, remembering and reliving how it all felt.