Romantic + Unique, Wedding details & Designs

Why a gallery for wedding details?  I just had to. From the beautiful bride’s dress, the elegant groom attire, the perfect rings, the cool shoes, the romantic and lush flowers, the delicious cake, the seamless floor plan design, the sleek tablescape, the modern or the vintage stationery, the stunning centerpieces,  I am addicted to everything wedding details.

I’ve read somewhere that from the engagement moment to the wedding day itself a couple spends on average of 250 hours planning their wedding. I dare to say there are probably far more, especially if we take into account that now we have the wonderful world of Pinterest and Instagram to lose ourselves in!

And I know first hand how much time, love, time, effort and money, brides invest in this very subtle but significant part of their wedding celebration. For us, at Asia Pimentel Photography, no detail of your wedding day is too small. For us, even the littlest rose button deserves to be immortalized.

Please enjoy this short and well-curated compilation of Romantic + Unique, Wedding details & Designs.