Unique Weddings, Heartfelt moments, Artful Photographs

Enjoy a short sample of the Asia Pimentel Photography wedding portfolio.

Our photographic style is focused on capturing meaningful moments as they happen, this would be best described as a documentary-style as it allows me to preserve the real emotions, expressions, and stories of your special day.  But I do so with a distinctive, Fine art-approach because for me is not just about documenting but also about creating something beautiful. Ultimately, my goal is to craft vibrant and beautiful images that are as unique as your wedding and your people.

The words we hear most often about our photography are: Honest, elegant, caring, warm, intimate, personal, and emotionally compelling. However, every wedding and event we shoot is unique, and we will adapt our style to match the kind of photography that our couples and the moment require.

Our promise:  Heartfelt moments, Artful Photographs