He proposed you said Yes!!!!  Time to start planning the wedding of your dreams! But first, a nice weekend off in paradise to celebrate is in order!  :)

Just a few weeks ago we had the pleasure to meet Victoria and Jorge’s who traveled to sunny Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic to celebrate their new engagement. So we took them to the beautiful Macao beach and let them just be and hang out all around the beach while we snap some shots here and there!  I mean as you start planning the wedding of your dreams, new profile pics and wedding website photos are in order, right? Victoria + Jorge thought exactly the same.

Beach engagement photos are super romantic and playful and we have plenty of beautiful beaches here in Punta Cana to cater to any taste, whether romantic and calm or wild and adventurous.

Just in case you and your fiancé are in the same situation. Planning a trip to celebrate your engagement and playing with the idea of having some gorgeous beach engagement photos in an exotic foreign beach.   Scroll down to read just a few tips that will help you to make sure that not just your beach engagement photos are awesome but also the experience is unforgettable too.



Tips to a successful Punta Cana beach engagement session



Would you like your beach engagement photos to look adventurous and fun, or soothing and romantic sounds more like you? Thinking ahead on the overall mood you are hoping for your photoshoot will help you when sourcing outfits, accessories, props, and locations. I always advise having a single vibe for beach engagement photos so you can stay on track and avoid loudness. Also, make sure to communicate your style and vibe with your photographer beforehand, this will also help him/her to think ahead about posing ideas to help convey the results you are hoping.



If you are going for something dreamy and romantic, For example, wearing a flowy dress of a beautiful pastel color will turn your beach engagement photos into a real fairytale.

If you are into the more casual and playful look, beach engagement photos can turn into a real adventure by just deciding to wear something carefree and informal. Victoria + Jorge decided on the latter.

Whatever you choose to wear, I will always recommend that you and your partner coordinate your outfits selections so that they have at least one common element. It could be the overall style or the same or complementary color palettes; this will help to keep a cohesive look, which will end up in impressive beach engagement photos.



Any element of significant meaning for both of you will help, throw in a cute beach blanket or a pair of unique sunglasses to make the setting more visually attractive and unique. It’s lovely when a photoshoot tells a story, and props are always welcome.



Ask your photographer on the best time for your beach engagement photos. Especially if you are on vacation in a place you have never been to before. If possible, try to schedule it on weekdays instead of weekends, to avoid crowds and enjoy some privacy, especially if you are kind of a shy person. Also, try to schedule it as close as possible to sunset time to enjoy softer and more favorable light and more enjoyable overall environment. Sunrise also is a wonderful option if you and your fiance enjoy raising with the sun. (Note: if your photographer tells you that any time on the day is good for photos run away from him/her.)



Confirm with your photographer if there is a permit needed for the beach that you are hoping to set your pictures done.



Bring Flip flops, towels, maybe an extra change of clothes just in case and water.

If you have enjoyed this post and the images above do not hesitate to reach out if you are planning a trip to Punta Cana or the Dominican Republic and playing with the idea of a marriage proposal photo session or engagement photo session.   If not I hope that at least you find these tips useful, and they help you to plan a successful beach engagement photo session.


All the best! Wishing you both a bright future.

RSM Louisville

All the best! Wishing you both a bright future.

Yelena Ioffe


Eduard Khachian

Absolutely phenomenal, gorgeous and amazingly beautiful. Wish you only the best.


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