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Hi, my name is Asia Pimentel and I am a Destination Wedding Photographer.

From time to time, I stumble upon a post on the web that asks: What made you get into photography? 

When asked, people generally respond with these emotional and beautiful explanations. ‘My grandmother’s old albums’, one would say or ‘my grandfather’s love of old cameras.’



When I’m asked this question, I’m never quite sure what to say. You see, the reason I became a photographer is because I was challenged to do so.

I was 28-years-old before I’d even held a reflex camera. My experience at that point, was taking some quick snaps of my kids with an old point and shoot. 

I always loved photography as an art form though and definitely had an eye for it. I’d often critique photographs I’d see in magazines.

Once, after ranting to my partner about a photographer’s work, he finally had enough. He looked over, with a clear tone of disapproval, and asked, “Do you think you could do better? and I responded, jokingly, ‘You bet I can.

A few days later, he returned with a DSLR camera he had borrowed from a friend and a photography manual he had downloaded from the Internet. I love that man!



My great grandparents never saw a picture of themselves. Crazy, right? 

Not a single chubby-cheeked baby photo or a solitary elegant image from their wedding day. If they wanted to relive their youth and their blossoming love story, they had to rely on their memories. They’d smile at each other, never quite able to conjure the details of their most special days.

And well, I wish I’d learned from them. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to start capturing images of myself and my children.

There are so many memories I’d love to look back on, and I can already feel my memory failing me sometimes.


Asia Pimentel shooting a Wedding at


So why weddings?

I love all forms of portraiture photography but weddings certainly have a secret meaning for me that I cannot explain yet. Let’s not even talk about how emotional I get when I’m booked to photograph a wedding.

(Confession: In the early days of my career, I’d even cry!)

Knowing that I’ve been entrusted with documenting one of the most important days of someone’s life humbles me and fills me with profound gratitude.

So, I pay back such honor by investing everything I have – mind, body, and soul – into chronicling their love story with meticulous care and immense respect.


Bride walking to the altar with her mother


Every single shot I take is intensely lived and considered. Every tool at my disposal, from lighting and positioning through to the equipment I use, is lovingly thought-out and prepared.

There is an intention behind every photograph I deliver to my client. My photographs are not perfect. Technically, I could enumerate a long list of details that seemingly could be improved in every image. But each one of my images has depth and feel real and alive.

This is the difference Asia Pimentel Photography is happily known for. And it’s the difference I am proud to cultivate more and more with every wedding I document.


husband whispering in his husband ears while hugging


Now, I’d love to wax lyrical on each tool in my kit, but I know that not everyone is as interested in the semantics of photography as I am.

So, today, I wanted to share just one of them with you: Film photography.

If Asia Pimentel Photography were a superhero, film photography would be the sidekick. It’s the secret behind how I capture such soft, dreamy, and emotion-rich images, and it’s how I stay grounded and immersed in the magic of the moment.


Bride walking with flower girls


Not sure what film photography is?

Remember the old-school cameras that use rolls of film that need to be sent to a lab for development? That’s film photography.

Some of the greatest and most amazing movies ever made were shot on film. All of those old photographs your grandparents guard with passion, and that you admire with reverence, were taken on film.

For me shooting film is the easiest and the surest way to create a timeless, authentic, and true to life look. When I’m using any of my reliable and old film cameras, I’m wholly, wonderfully, in tune with everything going on around me. The interactions between my couples and their loved ones, the emotions that swirl around the room, the lights, and the harmonic atmosphere. There is no second chance to capture an image.


Bride and groom kissing by sunset at Santo Domingo Colonial Zone


Digital photography still plays a vital role in my work. I shoot digital when I feel it’s the best medium for a specific moment, like during the dark hours of an evening wedding reception. For those digital images, I use presets to keep my film looking consistent throughout and keep my post-processing as simple as possible.

And well, I think these few paragraphs sum up at least a fraction of my thoughts about my photography and my motivations.

I hope this gives you a good glance into my world, and if this brings up other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Caramoor Gardens Wedding reception - Photos by Asia Pimentel Photography


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